Nicolaj Siggelkow

David M Knott Professor

Connected Strategy

The Internet-of-things, the sharing economy, robo investment advisors, wearable fitness devices, remote health care operations, peer-to-peer payment systems … business executives in many industries are currently buffeted by a seemingly broad range of technological developments that enable new business models. The common thread among all of these developments is that firms are changing how they connect to customers or how they connect customers with suppliers. In many cases, rather than having episodic interactions with customers, firms are attempting to be connected to customers in a continuous way, providing services and products as the needs of customers arise. Both incumbent firms and new entrants are trying to reshape their industries through creating a Connected Strategy.

 Together with Professor Christian Terwiesch, from Wharton’s Operations, Information and Decisions Department, Professor Siggelkow is currently engaged in a large-scale research project supported by the Mack Institute for Innovation Management to understand more deeply the business ramifications for both incumbent firms and new start ups of connected strategies.

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