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Online Courses

Professor Siggelkow has launched five online courses on strategy.

The first course is called “Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage.”

Maintaining a competitive advantage takes more than great timing or a single solution. Sustainable advantage requires a well-designed and well-executed strategy. This course was created to give you the tools and frameworks you need to develop and execute a successful strategy.

You’ll learn how to evaluate your own strategy, as well as how to locate sources of potential competitive advantage from a perspective that encompasses the internal, external, and dynamic fit of your strategy. You’ll also learn how to enhance your ability to assess the strategic impact of the moves of your competitors and how to maintain competitive advantage, understand the general drivers that create and sustain competitive advantage, and how to identify organizational barriers to change.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to assess and redesign your current strategy and develop plans for effective implementation to give your firm a competitive advantage.

The second course, Connected Strategy, is taught together with Professor Christian Terwiesch. The course is based on our book “Connected Strategy.” In this course, you’ll learn how technology has enabled firms to fundamentally change how they connect with their customers. We have designed this course to help you explore the impact of connected strategies and business opportunities associated with those strategies. Through study and analysis of both the innovation framework and value proposition, you’ll learn how Connected Customer Experiences and  Connected Delivery Models can be utilized in a myriad of industry and business models. You’ll also explore different types of connected customers/producers and examples of connected strategy and evaluate existing technologies that can inform the design of connected relationships. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify different types of connected strategies and opportunities in a variety of business models so you can employ best practices and achieve success within your organization.


The third course is a companion course, called “Connected Strategy Capstone.”

This course was designed to bring you the resources and tools you need to envision, plan, and develop a Connected Strategy for your own organization. You will learn how to apply the ideas and concepts you learned in the Connected Strategy course. The Capstone Project course was designed to systematically guide you through creating a connected customer relationship and connected delivery strategies. By applying your ideas in each part of the Capstone Project, you will have an opportunity to think deeply about your own organization and come up with new strategies that you can directly apply in the future.

You will be given a series of worksheets that are tailored to help you walk through the process of creating a Connected Strategy. The capstone project will be a culmination of all the worksheets and your final analysis of the connected strategy that you have created for an organization.

 For more on the topic of Connected Strategies, please see our website

The three courses together comprise Wharton’s Online Personal Certificate in Strategic Management.

The fourth course, Connected Healthcare, also together with Professor Terwiesch, applies the concepts of Connected Strategy to the health care arena.

The fifth course is taught together with Professor Harbir Singh. The course is called Strategic Management: Competitive and Corporate Strategy. The course can be taken by itself, or as part of a four-course program offered by the Wharton School enabling you to earn a Leadership and Management Certificate.

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