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What Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff Teach Us About ‘Innovation Capital’

Curtis Lefrandt and Nathan Furr share lessons from their book, Innovation Capital: How To Compete—and Win—Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders.

Technology and Pea Protein Are Key Ingredients in This Dairy Alternative

Adam Lowry, co-founder of Ripple Foods, explained why he thinks his company’s plant-based protein is appealing to consumers.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley Predicts How Technology Will Change Health Care

Entrepreneur and investor John Sculley (WG’63) sees fewer hospital beds and invasive procedures, and more sensors and digital voice assistants.

Condé Nast’s Modern Media Strategy Connects Print, Digital, and Events

Eric Gillin, chief business officer of Condé Nast’s Lifestyle Division, talks about print and digital media, and how technology is changing publishing.

Companies Can Use Connected Strategies to Engage and Influence Customers

Mack Institute Co-directors Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch offer a path to strengthening long-term buyer loyalty, from customer engagement to cost-effective delivery.

How Spotify’s Data Shapes Strategy for Connecting Brands and ‘Savvy Consumers’

Khartoon Weiss, Spotify’s global head of verticals, shares how user behavior on the streaming platform informs the way brand partners target listeners.

Etsy Focuses on Search Algorithms to Increase Sales

Etsy CFO Rachel Glaser tells how, with nearly 60 million items to browse, the e-commerce company is aiming to show shoppers the results that best match them.

The Future of Autonomous Driving: Integrating Systems and Infrastructure

David Zhou, Head of Product for Autonomous Driving at Baidu USA, discusses the technological challenges yet to be resolved before driverless cars become mainstream.

The Algorithm-Driven Matchmaking Platform for Service Providers and Customers

Marco Zappacosta, co-founder and CEO of Thumbtack, explains his solution to the fragmentation of the gig economy, effectively linking customers with suitable service providers.

How BBVA’s Open Banking Strategies Deepened Customer Relationships

Robert Sears, former CEO of a BBVA subsidiary, discussed how banks can streamline organizational functions and become more customer-centric.

For Stroke Patients, New Video Game May Help Restore More Function, Faster

John Krakauer, co-founder of Neuro Motor Innovations, describes how his company is testing specially designed video games to help stroke patients recover more fully.

Rethinking Frameworks in the Life Sciences: Perspectives from Real Estate and Precision Medicine

Joel Marcus, Executive Chairman and Founder of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, and Dr. Liz O’Day, CEO and Founder of Olaris Therapeutics, explain how firms can push beyond traditional frameworks to deliver new solutions in their respective fields.

Brave, Not Perfect: The Importance of Getting Girls Comfortable with Failure

Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code explains why teaching girls to be brave, not perfect, can help women make strides in fields where they’re underrepresented.

Purposeful: Establishing a Culture of Change as a ‘Movement Starter’

Jennifer Dulski, Head of Groups and Community at Facebook discusses why managers must listen to both customers and employees to build connections and encourage change.

How Verizon’s New Carrier Aims to Bring Wireless Directly to the Consumer

Miguel Quiroga, CEO of Visible, the all-digital wireless carrier created by Verizon, discusses the shift toward subscription models and startup mentalities designed to eliminate friction for customers in this space.

Privacy, Trust, and Whether Blockchain Can Help Us Achieve Them

Wharton professor Kevin Werbach, author of The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust, discusses the growing need for legal sophistication regarding data privacy and how blockchain is poised to play a role.

Connecting Donors to Classrooms to Make the Unattainable Happen

Charles Best, Founder and CEO of, describes the research-based strategies the nonprofit uses to encourage donations to millions of classrooms across the country.

How This Company Is Easing the Hassle of Connecting While Abroad

Ravi Rishy-Maharaj, Founder and CEO of GigSky, discusses how his company has set out to smooth connectivity hassles for international travelers using eSIM technologies.

Creating a Culture of Innovation to Thrive in the 5G World

Mack Institute Senior Fellow Scott Snyder explains the technological potential of 5G, as well as the challenges facing firms who decide to assertively take the lead.

This Nonprofit Is Using AI to Power 24/7 Counseling at a Moment’s Notice

Nancy Lublin, Founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line, discusses the use of artificial intelligence to help triage millions of texts, the platform’s integration into popular chat services, and their extensive team of devoted volunteers across the country.

For People Facing Renovations, This Company Tries to Sweeten the Deal

Bridget Best, COO of Sweeten, discusses how the service works to connect general contractors with clients and oversee a smooth renovation experience for both parties.

‘It’s a Question of Logistics.’ How this Company Is Tackling Hunger in the U.S.

Jasmine Crowe, Founder and CEO of Goodr, shares how the food waste management company creates win-win situations for businesses, nonprofits, and the hungry.

Eyes on the XPrize: How the Famous Competition is Tackling Illiteracy Next

Shlomy Kattan, Executive Director of the Adult Literacy XPrize Competition, shares about the development of the XPrize foundation since its inception in 1994 and how the competition he oversees is working to make reading more accessible to everyone.

‘It’s all About Personalization.’ How Marriott Is Adapting to New Consumer Trends

Stephanie Linnartz, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Marriott, discusses the varieties of ways that her company is innovating, such as making forays into the sharing economy.

The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence Through Gaming

Danny Lange, VP of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies, discusses how new technologies combined with gaming have kicked the pace of machine learning into high gear.

A New Type of Network Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Relationships

Gina Bianchini, CEO and Founder of Mighty Networks, discusses how her company aims to offer an alternative to the social media giants by creating localized, niche networks that create strong relationships between communities and local businesses.

In Wealth Management, ‘Technology Is Important, but Relationships Trump Technology’

Jack Markwalter, CEO of CIBC private wealth management in the U.S., explains why customer relationships still reign supreme even as technology is rapidly changing the industry.

‘The Marriage Between Self-serve and Human Interaction Is the Sweet Spot’

Tim Davis, President of The UPS Store, discusses how the subsidiary combines brick-and-mortar with e-commerce strategies to adapt to the changing retail landscape.

How a Mass-Producer Like Heineken Meets Consumer Demand for Personalization

Jenna Behrer, Senior Director and Head of Innovation at Heineken USA, discusses how the company is translating strategies from Europe to the very different U.S. beverage market.

Even Chocolate Has to Adapt to the Digital Age

Doug Straton, Chief Digital Commerce Officer at Hershey, explains why even a chocolate maker needs a robust digital strategy to connect with today’s customers.

A Dynamic Duo: The Case for Combining Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity

Artificial intelligence expert Angela Zutavern explores machine learning’s potential to enhance innovation efforts by complementing our uniquely human powers of creativity.

To Embrace Self-Disruption, Blow Up Best Practices

Steve Goldbach, Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte and author of “Detonate” advised how to break away from organizational inertia to innovate with the times.

Hearing Customers Loud and Clear: A Lesson from Outdoor Audio

Charity Hardwick, President of Soundcast, shared how to survive as a small company and defend a specialized niche in the highly competitive audio industry.

How AI and Human Recommendations Combine to Create the “Pandora for Art”

Carter Cleveland, CEO & Founder of Artsy, explains how his company streamlines the search for new art by aggregating historical and contemporary works onto one platform.

The Company Getting Hospitals to Break Up with Their Pagers

Trey Lauderdale, CEO and Founder of clinical communications platform Voalte, shared how the smartphone is finally finding a place in the healthcare industry.

Can Corporate Compliance Be a Strategic Asset?

Bob Conlin, President & CEO of NAVEX Global, talked about the strategic benefits of embracing a company-wide culture of ethics.

Using Data to Achieve A Powerful Brand

Allen Adamson, author of “Shift Ahead,” shares how to create a powerful brand to stay relevant to consumers whose attention is continually divided.

In Health Care, Connecting the Data Sends Quality Up and Costs Down

Sheila Talton, President & CEO of Gray Matter Analytics, explains how to address inefficiencies that drive up costs in the U.S. healthcare system.

Digitizing the Banking Sector Takes a Step-by-Step Approach

Nathan Snell, Chief Innovation Officer at nCino, discusses how his team works to phase financial institutions into digitization.

Biomedical Innovation Takes a Lot of Cooperation – and a Little Serendipity

The most fundamental discoveries often occur when an experiment doesn’t turn out as planned. Authors Lawton R. Burns, Mark Pauly, and Philip Rea discuss the element of serendipity in the life sciences.

How Individual Quirks Can Become Innovation Assets

Melissa Schilling, Professor at NYU Stern, discusses what we can learn from famously eccentric thinkers about encouraging innovation within organizations.

This Firm is Expanding the Menu for Retail Investors

Mike Gerber of FS Investments discusses how listening to the market is a critical source of innovation for firms in the finance sector.

Individuals Adapt to New Technologies Quickly. HR Needs to Catch Up.

Erica Volini, U.S. Human Capital Leader at Deloitte, discusses the organizational pressures digital technologies are putting on firms across sectors.

How New Entrants Are Changing the Rules in Aerospace

Ellen Chang, co-founder of LightSpeed Innovations, discusses how entrepreneurs with an appetite for risk are redefining innovation in aerospace.

A Healthcare Economics Solution that has Asthma Patients Breathing More Easily

Arik Anderson, CEO of Adherium, explains how better quality of life and better healthcare economics go hand in hand.

‘There’s no Better Time to Be in Retailing than Now’

Venky Shankar (Texas A&M University) discusses the challenges of retail in an era when customers expect a seamless 360-degree experience.

2018 Y-Prize Winners Reveal Their Secrets to Successful Teamwork

Michael Lee and Henry Zhou of Cellview Sciences share how they balanced their team’s expertise in business and science to win Penn’s 2018 Y-Prize Competition.

How Large Organizations Can Spur Entrepreneurial Change from Within

Carl Schramm of Syracuse University and the Kauffman Foundation discusses what organizations can do to keep their entrepreneurial employees around.

To Master Innovation in the Technology Sector, Companies Must Nail the Cultural Fit

The global technology sector is constantly changing as new players enter the industry and legacy ones adapt. We asked Sid Kumar how CA Technologies, a global enterprise software company, has navigated digital transformation over the past 40 years.

Mastering Innovation in Financial Services: How Fintech is Changing the Game for Wells Fargo

The financial services industry is increasingly seeing new technologies arise, from mobile banking to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. On the debut episode of Mastering Innovation, we asked Ryan Miller to share how Wells Fargo fosters a culture of innovation to keep up with these changes.

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