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Published Papers

Daniel Albert and Nicolaj Siggelkow. forthcoming. “Architectural Search and Innovation.” Organization Science.


Phebo Wibbens and Nicolaj Siggelkow. 2020. “Introducing LIVA to Measure Long-Term Firm Performance.” Strategic Management Journal, 867-890.



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translated in Chinese in: 2008. Management World, 6, pp. 156-160.



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Nicolaj Siggelkow. 2001. “Change in the Presence of Fit: The Rise, the Fall, and the Renaissance of Liz Claiborne.” Academy of Management Journal, 44, pp. 838-857.



Working Papers



Phebo Wibbens and Nicolaj Siggelkow. “Introducing LIVA to Measure Long-term Firm Performance”



Nicolaj Siggelkow and Phebo Wibbens. “A Ladder of Competitive Advantage”



Oliver Baumann and Nicolaj Siggelkow. “Cutting through the Fog of Demand: The Competitive Value of Customer Information”

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